You know you’re a sKrAp addict if:

- You have a calendar reminder on the day Silhouette releases the free design.                              

- You get every free design, even if you don’t want it because you might need it someday.

- You plan your Sunday errands based on the new Michaels’, Joann’s, and Hobby Lobby 


- You shop for craft items for a year, but never finish a thing.                                                              

- You ask for craft store gift cards for every holiday, birthday, retirement, gift exchange, etc.    

- The 96 slots in your brand new paper holder are not enough.                                                          

- You start collecting cards stock scraps from your grandkids.

- You never throw away an envelope; you never know what you can use it for.

- You start checking the kids birthday cards for items you can cut out and reuse.

- You throw away shoes to make room for craft supplies in your closet.

- You stage photos to match the cute paper you just bought.

- You make your kids' wear color coordinated outfits on vacations so they complement 

   each other in the photos.

- You convert your master bedroom into your craft room.


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